Andy MattisonSep 30, 2017, 10:35 pm

Mount Vernon pays tribute to victims of violence

The city holds an anti-violence vigil outside City Hall to mourn lives lost, spark positive change


Sept. 30 the City of Mount Vernon paid tribute to victims of violence in a special ceremony outside of city hall.

"There is a time to unite our city. There's no time to wait for someone else to come because they're not going to come. It's up to us to do it. And we will," says Mount Vernon resident Steven Thomas.

Music group Black Rose also performed at the gathering to deliver a message of hope.

Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas emphasized the importance for the city to be unified, strive to be better.

"This is the Mount Vernon that I talk about. This is the Mount Vernon that I believe in. It's people that want to have a good time, spread love, have fun and focus on family," says Thomas.

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