Christine CorradoSep 1, 2017, 5:34 pm

New proposal could allow Greenburgh residents to practice beekeeping for honey

There is no risk to the general population, Greenburgh Nature Center educators say


Bees at the Greenburgh Nature Center have created hundreds of pounds of local honey.

Now some community members want a taste of the honey in their own backyard.

There is currently a ban in place preventing residents in Greenburgh from backyard beekeeping, but Town Supervisor Paul Feiner says the town board is considering legislation which has been adopted in other communities that would allow beekeeping.

"To my surprise, most people have been very supportive," Feiner said.

Feiner says he's gotten mostly positive feedback from community members, and educators of the Greenburgh Nature Center allayed fears of any risk to the general population.

“Honey bees are really not that aggressive. They are only aggressive if you attack them or try to take their honey," said Nature Center Educator Andrew Michalski.

Feiner says they will draft legislation and introduce it at the Sept 13 town board meeting.

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