Christine CorradoAug 28, 2017, 7:09 pm

New Rochelle dry cleaning business closes, leaving customers' clothes locked inside

Westchester County is taking measures to find out what's going on


Clothes were left hanging in plastic bags at a dry cleaning business in New Rochelle on Thursday, waiting to be picked by customers who are wondering why the doors are locked and the lights are off.

Customers called FiOS1 News for help last week when they realized the Swift Dry Cleaners' lights realized that the business was abandoned

“Most recently I came in about two weeks ago. I needed my clothes by the end of the week, so I dropped them off on a Monday,” says New Rochelle resident Carl Fraiser. “I came back Thursday to pick them up, the door was locked, and I couldn't get my stuff out.”

Customers say when they try to call the store they get an out of service dial tone. FiOS1 News also tried and got the same result.

Now, Consumer Protection is working on the case. They arrived at the abandoned dry cleaners on Monday morning to investigate.

"We want to help make sure people get their clothing as soon as possible it’s obviously very frustrating," says Westchester County Department of Consumer Protection Official Mark Fang.

Inspectors from Consumer Protection say they are trying to track down the owner and give consumers their clothes back.

"We're down here to knock on some doors,” says Fang. “Get any information we can to make contact with the owner. If we have to show up at his doorstep we will."

Customers who have clothes inside the Swift Dry Cleaners can contact Mark Fang with the Department of Consumer Protection directly at 914-995-2162.

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