Briella TomassettiAug 25, 2017, 7:01 pmAug 26, 2017, 7:43 am

New Rochelle dry cleaning business shuts down without notice

Local customers are complaining that their clothes are stuck inside Swift Dry Cleaners


Imagine dropping off a pair of clothes at the dry cleaners and then not being able to get them back.

That's exactly what happened to Carl Fraiser who lives on Webster Street in New Rochelle.

He tells FiOS1 that Swift Dry Cleaners is a convenient choice for him because it's just down the street from his house. But upon his most recent visit, he was greeted by a sign that reads "for sale."
"Most recently I came in about two weeks ago. I needed my clothes by the end of the week, so I dropped them off on a Monday,” says Fraiser. “I came back Thursday to pick them up, the door was locked, and I couldn't get my stuff out.”

Fraiser said that Swift Dry Cleaners only opened its doors a few months ago in April, after replacing another dry cleaning store that shut down last year. He's had a few successful visits since then, spending hundreds of dollars at the establishment and saying he thought it was a store he could trust.

Another customer told FiOS1 that the shop owner, who he says is named "Javier," warned him that he was planning to shut down and that he got a better job offer in Manhattan. However, the owner did not give any warning of when that would be.



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