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Famed game show host and Palisades resident Chuck Barris dies at 87

Entertainer known for ‘The Gong Show’ retired in Rockland County after prolific TV career

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The entertainment world and Rockland County lost a great one Tuesday night after former “The Gong Show” host Chuck Barris died in his Palisades home of natural causes. He made game show history in his time and decided to retire in Palisades.

Barris lived in Rockland County for more than 10 years but prior to that he was busy building his game show empire.

Barris is known for shows such as “The Gong Show,” “The Dating Game,” and “The Newlywed Game.” At one point, he supplied the networks with 27 hours of entertainment a week. His shows attracted great celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Jackson, and Farrah Fawcett.

Later in his career, Barris wrote an autobiography called “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.” And as if his life wasn't already interesting, in it he claimed he was also an assassin for the CIA.

His autobiography ultimately became a movie directed by George Clooney, starring Sam Rockwell as Chuck Barris.

When his book came out, the CIA denied that he worked for them. Barris insists it was true, even though he never provided evidence to corroborate his story.

In the 1960s, Chuck Barris wrote a hit song titled "Palisades Park." It’s actually a tribute to Palisades Amusement Park in New Jersey, but he did end up spending his remaining years in Palisades.

Chuck Barris was 87 years old.

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