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Astorino attacks Latimer over alleged unpaid property taxes

Astorino: 'Everyone has to pay their taxes. We don't like it, but everyone has to pay their taxes'


Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino has released a statement on information collected by the Journal News stating that his opponent, George Latimer, has not paid county taxes totaling over $48,000.

"There is no special treatment for a 30-year politician and that's what he's been doing," Astorino said.

Latimer responded by saying that Astorino is trying to shift focus from the important issue the county is facing.

"You're having an effort made of trying got run a campaign not on the substance of the job, because he can't really defend his job," Latimer said. "I co-own one property in Westchester County, 47 Wainwright Street in Rye, New York. That is the only property in this county that I am listed on. I'm a co-owner of it and all taxes are paid."

Latimer says that the property Astorino is referring to is owned by his wife and her family.

"The obligations and the assets of the house are in dispute. When the dispute is completed, the expectation is that all the obligations will e met and there's been no conscious effort to avoid the obligation," Latimer said.

However, Astorino says that Latimer needs to give a better explanation to county residents.

"Everyone has to pay their taxes. We don't like it, but everyone has to pay their taxes," Astorino said.

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