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Latimer: Astorino should resign / Astorino calls Latimer 'dishonest'

A key witness in an NYC corruption trial alleges that he had given cash and gifts to Astorino


Democratic canddiate for Westchester County Executive George Latimer is calling on incumbent Republican Rob Astorino to step down, while Astorino is calling Latimer's campaign the most dishonest in the county's history.

Latimer's demand stems from recent information that came out of a corruption trial in New York City proves to be true.

The testimony in question comes from the corruption trial of former New York City Corrections Union President Norman Seabrook. A key prosecution witness in that case is Jona Rechnitz, who under oath said he had given cash to Astorino's campaign and offered to give Astorino a rolex watch.

Astorino, according to the testimony said he could not take it as a gift, and should pay something for it. Later, Rechnitz said Astorino paid $2,000 for the watch, which was worth $10,000. Rechnitz said he paid the remaining amount.

"We are calling on Rob Astorino today, to produce receipts, credit card documents, that show the purchasing of this Rolex that he supposedly received, and any other gifts that he received from Mr. Rechnitz and his associates," Latimer said.

Astorino has provided FiOS1 News with copies of his receipt and a credit card statement to prove that he had in fact purchased the watch for himself, calling the jab by Latimer a desperate move in his campaign.

"This is a convicted felon who was lying on the witness stand," Astorino said of Rechnitz's testimony. "We want this out there, here are the receipts, end of the story."

Allegations have also surfaced that Latimer skipped out on an important state budget vote because he was out of the country with a woman who was not his wife. Latimer declined to comment on the subject, calling it a personal matter.



Nyack, New York
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