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95-year-old woman proves age is nothing but a number

Sally Weinraub celebrates her birthday by releasing 4 murder mysteries she wrote

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A Larchmont woman had a lot to celebrate on her birthday this year.

Sally Weinraub turned 95 on March 29 and marked the major milestone in her life by releasing four books that she wrote.

The novels are murder mysteries, revolving around main character Emily Lewis – who finds herself in the middle of danger and embarks on a search to catch the villain.

“One of the things I think is most important is that you don’t think about your age. And it’s something that I really never did think about until I hit 90, maybe. But my body began to explain to me that you can’t do everything you used to do,” Weinraub explained with a laugh.

“The other thing I think is important … I just think whatever you’re doing, you have to throw yourself into it and do the very best you can.”

Weinraub was an appeals lawyer for 30 years and says after she retired, she had more time for her writing. And, she says her age isn't stopping her. Weinraub is now working on her fifth novel.

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