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First on FiOS1 News: Baby bird saved on streets of Rye

Two good samaritans rescued the bird, who was abandoned by its mother

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A baby bird was found on the streets of Rye was abandoned this morning by its mother, perched on a nest above a local jewelry store.

But two women, business owner Joan Sansone and her assistant Kathy, dared to step in.

The fledgling sat helpless, trapped underneath a car, so Kathy got down on all fours with napkins in hand to make the rescue.

Sansone, who owns Joan’s jewelry store, brought a box padded with tissue to bring the baby bird to safety.

Kathy exclaimed, "We got it! Poor little birdie!"

Joan says the worst part wasn’t just seeing this mother bird abandon her fledgling, but seeing just how many people walked right by it.

FiOS1 News caught up with Sansone in her store after the ordeal. She was relieved after rescuing it:

"Kathy was coming back and she saw the bird on the floor and she said, 'how many people have walked by and just stepped over it or just pretended it wasn't there. And there the bird was - under a tire! - and it would've been crushed. So it's on its way for help."

Joan and Kathy took the baby bird to the Rye Nature Center on Post Road. There, workers feed the fledgling worms and released it into the sanctuary where it's pretty clear the bird will be in good hands

Sansone says she would've done the same thing for any animal, no matter what kind, saying she’s dedicated to "All animals, dogs, rescues; anything to help the animals."

The rescue now begs the question: what would you do?

"I'm a nature lover, so I would definitely probably bring it to a center like this and feed it, make sure it's safe," said Madison Kegans of Manhattan.

Until it grows wings strong enough to fly, the baby bird will call the Rye Nature Center home.



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