Andy MattisonDec 6, 2017, 9:13 pmDec 7, 2017, 1:51 pm

Battle lines being drawn in Westchester County budget dispute

The county is trying to dig out of a budget deficit of over $100M


WESTCHESTER COUNTY — Westchester County residents spoke to county legislators for the final time on Wednesday night about what they believe should be included in the 2018 Westchester County Budget.

County Legislators say that tough decisions lie ahead for the $1.8 billion county budget, beginning Friday.

"That's when we have to come to grips with our rather large revenue shortfalls and make sure we can keep things well enough in balance," said Mary Jane Shimsky, a Westchester County Legislator.

The county is trying to dig out of a budget defecit of over $100 million, but some legislators are at odds with outgoing County Executive Rob Astorino over how to fix it. Astorino is against raising property taxes, and legislators are concerned about the impact the proposed Westchester County Airport deal could have on the budget.

Board chair Mike Kaplowitz blasted Astorino's budget vision on Wednesday, saying county legislators are ready to dig in against the deficit.

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