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Advocacy group: Bee Line Bus Paratransit fare hike is discriminatory

Westchester Disabled on the Move says riders not properly notified about meeting on $1 increase

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Some riders with disabilities opposed to planned Bee Line Paratransit fare hike 

For thousands of physically-challenged people across Westchester County, the Bee Line Bus Paratransit is vital in how they get around. But starting next month, their prices will spike.

Now, a complaint filed by Westchester Disabled on the Move says the $1 increase is discriminatory. The group says no one was properly notified about the public hearing that took place at the Westchester County Center on May 31. The complaint also says that the public hearing was not even public at all.

The group says those who use the Paratransit were not contacted at all about the public hearing and say the fare increase has the greatest impact on them.

Thousands of disabled commuters rely on the Bee Line Bus Paratransit, which is wheelchair accessible and drivers help passengers on and off the bus.

Many say they feel the increase is discriminatory because a large number of disabled commuters live on a fixed income. The price hike makes a necessity now unaffordable, advocates say.

County Executive Robert Astorino decided against the countless objections. A spokesperson for his office explains: "We sympathize with those who have opposed the fare increase. But the increase was necessitated by the economic reality that we have to pay for the services we deliver."

Today, Westchester.gov website warns Paratransit commuters of the upcoming fare hike.

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