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Multiple buses vandalized at Byram Hills middle school, causing delay for entire district

Students attending the four schools were delayed an hour this morning

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Students of the Byram Hills Central School District were delayed this morning after 14 of the 79 buses were vandalized in the lot at the H.C. Crittenden Middle School.

"In each case, there was a single blow to the windshield which cracked the windshield and the damage isn't terribly significant but you can’t drive a bus with any damage to it at all,” Superintendent William Donohue said.

Once the school assessed the situation they re-arranged buses to pick up students. Superintendent Donohue is more concerned with the act then the impact.

"Very unusual for us to have vandalism, the part that's most disturbing about it is these are school buses that carry kids so any kind of vandalism or attack on schools is worrisome," he said.

The school does use surveillance cameras on campus but can't say if the cameras captured those responsible as they've turned any information over to police.

As North Castle Police begins its search for suspects, the superintendent says the 14 buses are currently being repaired.



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