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Penn Station service changes begin for Hudson Valley commuters

Lower Hudson Valley commuters are in for a hectic few weeks as maintenance repairs at Penn Station force service changes


Commuters in Nanuet are getting back into their Monday routines as they begin yet another work week. But Brian Grishaber, who’s out and about an hour early to get to work in New York City, “kind of think it stinks.”

He’s referring to the delays and massive crowding he and thousands of others around the region could very well run into as Amtrak rail repairs force dozens of trains to divert to the Hoboken Terminal.

“So far, we’re talking 30 to 45-minute delays in each direction every day,” said Manhattan resident Robert Carey.

Those service changes could likely have a trickle effect, causing delays and overcrowding at busy interchanges like Secaucus Junction. Commuters we spoke to at Spring Valley station say they haven't had any issues so far, but the week is still young.

“Right now I'm saying it's not affecting me but we'll find out throughout the course of the week,” said Paul Ricci of Spring Valley.

“I’m a little nervous,” said Lucille Bootman, a Suffern resident. “I just started a new job. So if I am going to be delayed that’s going to be a problem.”

NJ Transit officials tell us once they get into Hoboken, there are alternatives in place. In fact, commuters can take a bus, ferry or PATH trains to get back and forth between New York and New Jersey.

In addition to that, NJ Transit is allowing customers with tickets access to those modes of transportation at no extra cost. But it most certainly could take extra time. Commuters are advised to travel with plenty of time to spare each morning.

Grishaber says more train volume would make a big difference for him and other commuters, while others say they just have to deal with what's thrown at them.

“They add a lot more trains at different hours so people can alternate and actually get in there on time,” said Grishaber.

“I don't know what the changes are going to do,” said Jorge Ramirez of Suffern. “I don't know if that's going to affect me but we'll see."

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