Andy MattisonSep 3, 2017, 11:25 pm

Controversial gun show at Westchester County Center may return in 2018

Organizers list tentative date for White Plains show


It appears a gun show that drew a lot of controversy in Westchester County this year could be returning in 2018. The Westchester County Center hosted a gun show for the first time in four years earlier this year and the organizers have listed a tentative date for a show in White Plains on their website.

Earlier this year, gun enthusiasts packed the Westchester County Center to attend the first gun show in White Plains since 2013. A show that may return next year.

Westchester Collectors Inc. has listed tentative dates for a gun show in White Plains on January 20 and 21, a move that is drawing criticism in Westchester County.

"I think it's appropriate for us to say we draw a line on this. Now it's a very controversial issue,” said George Latimer, a Democratic candidate for Westchester County executive. “I think the majority of Westchester residents would prefer there not be a gun show."

Legislators tried banning gun shows through legislation but it was vetoed by County Executive Rob Astorino. The issue is a polarizing one for residents.

A spokesperson for Astorino told the Journal News nothing has been agreed upon for 2018. Latimer feels hosting another gun show in White Plains sends the wrong message.

"People can have a host of different type of tobacco products and they're legal to possess and to smoke. But we don't want to encourage that type of behavior either. So I think we have a right as a government to determine which types of things we want to display and which types of things we prefer not to," Latimer said.



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