Ali RosenOct 2, 2017, 11:36 pm

Coping with tragedy: How to process compassion fatigue

Psychologist provides insight on how to cope with back-to-back tragedies


The mass shooting in Las Vegas coupled with hurricanes and earthquakes makes many wonder how do we cope with all the loss.

“You need to reach out to other people and talk about how you're feeling,” said Dr. Rand Gruen, executive director of the Westchester Child and Adult Psychological Services.

Dr. Gruen, says it's important to talk about how you're feeling with family, neighbors, and friends.

“It's just easier for adults to connect,” he said. ”Talking to other people helps sort of process the event.”

For those who feel overwhelmed by tragedy after tragedy, Dr. Gruen suggests taking action.

“If it has to do with gun issues, violence, are there are things we can raise as adults and as parents to try to create some change at a legislative level, at a regulatory level, there are things that can be done,” he said.

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