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Correction officers say they endure dangerous conditions at the Westchester County Jail

Officers say there is an uptick in injuries because prisoners’ mental illnesses are not being addressed

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The leaders of the Westchester County Correction Officers Benevolent Association say they're seeing an uptick in the number of injured officers because many prisoners aren't getting help with mental illness.

Yesterday evening, they say an inmate violently attacked two corrections officers in the medical unit of the prison, a wing used to handle inmates with mental health issues.

"I would like the proper treatment for these people so they aren't a risk to the staff, the injuries these officers sustained are life injuries. Those are things that don't leave you," Westchester COBA president Alonzo West said.

West says one of the officers in his sustained a broken ankle. He says when he saw him in the hospital it looked like his foot was dangling.

The officer wasn't alone at the time of the attack and two other officers restrained the inmate. But these types of incidents have become part of a wider trend, according to COBA Vice President Neil Pellone.

"We've had a big uptick in splashings and spittings. Which no one wants to be splashed with fecal matter, or be spat on in their face," Pellone said.

Both men say it's personal for them since they are also correction officers. But they believe the department of corrections will take steps to better work with the medical unit in the prison and improve treating inmates with mental health issues.

“We want to see changes done," West said.

The names of the two officers injured yesterday have not been released, but they were both treated and let out from the hospital.



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