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Battle continues over cashless tolls in NY

State Sen. David Carlucci and Assemb. Tom Abinanti want to cancel the contract between the New York State Thruway and Conduent Solutions, the company behind E-ZPass


State Senator David Carlucci and Assemblyman Tom Abinanti say they want the contract for Conduent Solutions, the company behind E-ZPass, and the New York State Thruway Authority to be terminated immediately, due to the company's controversial record.

However, whether such a move is feasible or even possible is currently unknown, with the Thruway Authority telling FiOS1 News that "Conduent has been, and will continue to be, penalized financially each and overtime they underperform. We appreciate the legislators' efforts and we will continue to press Conduent to deliver the highest level of service to our customers."

The Thruway Authority has demanded several changes from Conduent, including implementing a more effective and efficient billing process, lowering average wait times when toll-payers call their customer service line, increase staffing and adding technology at Conduent call centers and placing roadway signage to end cashless toll program confusion.

Conduent currently provides cashless tolling services to roughy 12 states in the nation. However, in the last year, the state of Florida's cashless toll program was shut down for 30 days because of technological problems, Maryland did not renew their contract with the company, and California currently has filed a lawsuit against Conduent for mismanagement and breaking contractual clauses in their agreement.

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