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Governor Cuomo visits Indian Point nuclear plant to assess oil spill damage

Official says ‘plant should be shutdown’

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Governor Andrew Cuomo got a first-hand look on an oil spill that leaked from unit number two at the Indian Point nuclear facility on Friday.

An apparent problem with one of the heat transfer mechanisms caused the unit to discharge oil. Officials aren’t sure of how much oil was spilt, but no oil is known to have seeped into the Hudson. The oil was contained in a canal behind a steel wall

“We did not see any oil apparently being discharged into the Hudson River.

However, the governor and the Department of Environmental Conservation say there’s a bigger question to be answered.

“The difficulty in the cooling system in the turbine which can be a more serious problem, that cooling mechanism has been taken off line,” Gov. Cuomo said.

Approximately 50 million people live near the Indian Point plant, and the fact there have been over 40 spills and unexpected shutdowns at the facility since 2011 frightens the governor.

“My position for a long time is that the plant should be shut down,” Gov. Cuomo said.

The federal government is currently in the process of renewing the operating license for Indian Point; the DEC will consult with officials on the oil spill on Monday.



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