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Dutchess County boy with cystic fibrosis receives vacation to Atlantis

The 'Take a Breather Foundation', dedicated to helping families of children with cystic fibrosis, donated the tickets

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In an announcement which left 11-year-old Evan Allgauer a little shocked. His mother remarked, "He's happy. He's very shy."

Diagnosed with cystic fibrosis since birth, Evan receives daily treatments to keep his breathing at a normal level. When he was little, the family went to Atlantis, a vacation Evan wants to relive. Now, with a little help from the 'Take a Breather Foundation', it's happening.

Said Mary Freeman of the Take a Breather Foundation, "It's always with them. They always have to continue doing what they're doing but in the meantime, they can soak up the fun of life and make every breath count."

The foundation is dedicated to helping families with cystic fibrosis. Evan's family was all smiles as they received their plane tickets for the trip.

When asked about his favorite part of Atlantis, Evan replied, "I'm now tall enough to ride the rides."

Evan's doctor was also there, noting he is doing well in treatment and it shouldn't take away from his upcoming vacation.

"We've made great strides and that's our intention for Evan to become an adult and do everything else any other child can do," said Dr. Suzette Gjonai of Boston Children's Health Physicians. "Very happy he is here today to be given this wish"

This wish is allowing Evan and his family to enjoy the beach later this month.

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