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New contract will grant $30M aid to Yonkers schools, increase teachers’ salaries

Teachers union, city reach deal after 3-year fight

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Ongoing negotiations mean Yonkers school district facing possible loss of $30M 

A new contract agreement for teachers in Yonkers has been reached after an ongoing battle between the city and the teacher's union.

An agreement settled by the Board of Education, the City of Yonkers and the teacher's union will grant $30 million in state aid to the Yonkers School District.

The reformed contract will also increase teacher's salaries by about 15 percent over the span of seven years.

The contract also retroactively covers all terms of employment for public school teachers dating back to July 2014, according to the city.

The battle has been ongoing for about three years since the teachers lost their contract. Assemblywoman Shelley Mayor says this is a major victory that will be seen across all 39 city schools.

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano responded to the agreement with this statement:

"This is a contract that works for our teachers and Yonkers taxpayers, and I am proud to say that we got it done... I applaud the teacher's union leadership for negotiating in good faith and agreeing to a contract that is fair to our teachers but also reflects the reality of our economic times and what our taxpayers can afford."

Now that all of the pieces are together and a new contract and evaluation system has been agreed upon, the next step is getting all agencies to sign off on it, which Assemblywoman Shelly Mayer says they are optimistic will happen with no issue.

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