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NY demonstrators head to nation’s capital to protest Trump’s decision to end DACA

Those benefiting from the program are worried they’ll be deported


YONKERS — Before President Trump announced the impending end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, people traveled the country to protest his decision.

Demonstrators boarded a bus in front of St. Peter's Church in Yonkers Tuesday morning, headed for the White House to protest the president's expected decision. Members of the Yonkers Sanctuary Movement say it's simply unfair the president could end DACA. Approximately 800,000 “dreamers” would be affected.

"We would lose our work permit, we would lose, in some states, the driver's license. It would make us all pretty scared," says Yonkers Sanctuary Movement Co-Founder Diana Sanchez.

Advocates say they are scared because the fear of deportation would be in the forefronts of their minds.

The Yonkers Sanctuary Movement, with signs and screams, will do what it can to protest at the White House and Trump Tower. But the members admit they need more help.

"Right now it's time for basically for the local and state leaders to come out, you know? Like if it's going federally, if it's going to affect the nation, what are the state representatives going to do to protect their own state too?" Sanchez asks.

With President Trump ultimately deciding to end DACA, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Attorney General Eric Schneiderman have said they have the “dreamers'” back and they will sue the president over his decision.

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