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Dominicans in NY worried about loved ones affected by Hurricane Irma back home

FiOS1 News speaks to Santos Javier and Juan Ceballos in Port Chester


Santos Javier and Juan Ceballos are anxious about Hurricane Irma sitting at Juan’s restaurant, Dominican restaurant Hollywood Chicken International in Port Chester. They discuss how Santo’s family is coping at home.

Juan is Santos’ cousin. Translating from Spanish, Juan says Santos arrived here on vacation just before the storm hit his wife and child are at home in the Dominican Republic.

"A lot of rains, not a lot of damage. It’s damage but not like they did in Puerto Rico. So they’re hanging in there," said Juan, translating for Santos.

Hurricane Irma touched down in the Dominican Republic Thursday, damaging homes along the coast. While Santos' family is okay and their home is not damaged, he still feels on edge. Santos made contact with his wife Friday on the phone.

"Yeah, of course he’s very worried because the intensity of the hurricane, if it would’ve hit the island directly and destroy the island, family. But thank God it’s going to curve a little bit." said Juan, translating for Santos. He is planning on flying back sept. 14, but he's not sure if he will be able to fly back even then.

"He’s gonna say thank God for it didn’t hit straight but, you know, other people being affected for hurricane. So we’re going to pray for those people that need help," Juan said.

The category 5 storm had 180 mile-per-hour winds now aiming to make landfall in Florida where Gov. Rick Scott has ordered mandatory evacuations in seven cities.



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