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East Ramapo schools aim to secure $3M in aid to move schools forward

State monitors release report outlining success over last 2 years and challenges ahead

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State approves $3M plan to restore East Ramapo school district’s music, arts programs 

The East Ramapo School District is now under the state's watch in an effort to improve the district. One of those ways was making sure it had the necessary money it needs.

The state originally promised the district $ 3 million in aid, but apparently Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s budget says $1 million will be enough. Proponents of the school are up for the challenge.

Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffe says she is fighting for the school district, reminding the community how budget talks have only just begun and the fact that the governor is allocating $1 million to East Ramapo. She says it is certainly a starting point.

The state monitors assigned to the school district say the school has made a great deal of progress under their watch. During this time, the monitors have met with more than 100 teachers, parents, community members about their concerns for the district financially and academically.

But they say in order for the district to continue to prosper, they need the $3 million from the state or they may struggle with unforeseen challenges.

In an effort to help secure funding for East Ramapo, the state monitors just released a 20-page report outlining the successes of the school district over the last two years and the types of challenges the school may have ahead.



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