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East Ramapo rejects district's proposed school budget

Proposal had 2.49 percent tax hike to restore extracurriculars, hire 5 teachers and give busing for private school students

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In a landslide, 89% of voters chose to reject the East Ramapo School District's proposed budget this week. The budget had a 2.49% tax hike to restore extracurriculars, hire 5 new teachers, and provide busing for private school students on 14 days of the school year.

"I think what they're saying to us is, we'll give you back those mandated probrams that we took away from your children if you allow us to have 14 or 15 days of non-mandated transportation for the private schools, which are mostly Hasidic schools, and I disagree with that," said Lina Bodin, a parent of a child in the school district.

The district is currently being monitored by the state's Department of Education, due to corruption scandals and misuse of funds in the past.

The school district responded to the failed proposal in a statement, with School Board President Yehuda Weissmandl saying: "A school district budget is decided by the voters, the voters have spoken, and we respect their decision. We will now have extensive conversations that will include the monitors over the next couple of days on how to proceed and we will keep the public appraised of any developments."

The district plans on sending a new version of the budget out for a vote in the coming weeks.



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