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Today: Parents to vote on new East Ramapo School board members

$232M budget referendum is also on the ballot and calls for 2.49 percent tax increase

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Polls are open today in the East Ramapo School District until 10 p.m. tonight. District residents can cast votes at most of the schools in the East Ramapo district as well as the Louis Kurtz Civic Center.

Voters rushing to get to work this morning shared why today is important to them, like Jerry of Nanuet, who claimed, "Our children have lost their art, music,” said Jerri of Nanuet. “Music is back but art is not."

"I have a son in Spring Valley High School and I work in the school district as a custodian,” said Conney Hardy of Spring Valley. “So I thought it was very important for me to vote because we need more custodians in the school and textbooks for the kids, and computers and stuff for the kids."

Voters will decide whether to elect three new members to the school board - Chevon Dos Reis, Alexandra Manigo and Eric Goodwin, all of whom are parents running together under one campaign: to bring diversity to the board.

Also running are Joel Frelich, Mark Berkowitz and incumbent Harry Grossman. A $232 million school budget referendum calling for a 2.49 percent tax increase is also on the ballot

"14 extra school days is a burden and it's over the tax cap, and it would mean more for seniors like me,” said Jerri. “We need a change on the school board. Breaking the tax cap will need 60 percent of voter approval.”

Anyone who needs information on where to vote in their district can call the school district or visit their website for polling locations.



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