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Dean, Adam Skelos have been found guilty on all counts in their corruption retrail
Andy MattisonNov 2, 2017, 7:57 pm

As Election Day approaches, Clarkstown prepares to choose Town Supervisor

Mike Sullivan, the former police chief, will be taking on incumbent George Hoehmann


More than two months after being removed as police chief, Mike Sullivan is running for Clarkstown Supervisor. Sullivan, a Clarkstown native, says he believes the town needs to address the cost of living and overdevelopment.

"We're going to protect the quality of life, the financial health of our homes and neighborhoods through the strict enforcement of our zoning laws, but we're going to do it without a lot of the rhetoric that's been going on around here," Sullivan said.

Sullivan is challenging incumbent George Hoehmann, who is seeking a second term in office. Hoehmann says that taxes and illegal housing are two issues plaguing Clarkstown.

"I'm very proud of my record," Hoehmann said. "I think that I've demonstrated in the town of Clarkstown, we've made enormous change. The first-ever tax cut since 1985 in my first year as supervisor and no tax increase in my second year."

The two candidates have a significant history with one another. In September, Hoehmann ousted Sullivan as police chief over corruption allegations. Sullivan claims that Hoehmann voted illegally in the proceedings, that he has been treated unfairly, and filed suit over Hoehmann's vote. Meanwhile, Hoehmann says that the findings speak for themselves.

"Clearly the hearing officer was biased in this case," Sullivan said. "I am confident that when I get into a real court with a unbiased judge, that they're going to look at this the same way I see it and they're going to throw it out."

"It's an unfortunate situation that took place, but an independent hearing officer ruled on this so myself and the town board agreed and we adopted his findings," Hoehmann said.



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