Andy MattisonJul 1, 2017, 10:26 pmJul 2, 2017, 2:27 pm

Hudson Valley fireworks retailers relish 2nd year of legality

Last year, fireworks stores became legal in Rockland and Putnam Counties while remaining illegal in Westchester County


In Stony Point, the TNT Fireworks Store is one of many places selling fireworks throughout New York State. They are sure to be busy this weekend and leading up to the July 4th holiday.

But depending on where you live in the Hudson Valley, you may have to travel to another county to get fireworks. Last year fireworks stores became legal in Rockland and Putnam Counties. Selling fireworks is still illegal in Westchester County.

Jansen Barron, the store owner, told FiOS1 News it is his understanding that Rockland County is the southernmost county in the state that can sell fireworks. His advice to people purchasing fireworks for the holiday is to be safe and know what you're looking for:

"One of the many questions I get is do I sell those rocket type fireworks. So they have to understand, we're only allowed to sell sparkler devices and fountains: those that emit from the ground continuously in a streaming fashion.”

TNT Fireworks has a list of counties in New York State that are legally allowed to sell fireworks.

The store has been open for about a week and will be open through the holiday and even the day after the Fourth of July. It is sure to be very busy over the next couple of days.



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