Andrew WhitmanOct 26, 2017, 9:57 pm

First on FiOS1: Major developments in race for Westchester Executive

George Latimer speaks out on London trip allegations and accusations against Astorino


There have been two major developments in the race for Westchester County Executive.

First, Jona Rechnitz, a key witness in the corruption trial of former New York City Corrections Union President Norman Seabrook has said under oath that he gave cash to Rob Astorino's campaign, and that he, along with two others, met with Astorino to ask about receiving Police Chaplain designations, which would provide special parking privileges.

Neither Rechnitz, or the other two men were religious officials, and neither lived in Westchester County.

Rechnitz testified that Astorino agreed to talk with his Commissioner of Public Safety about the matter, and the Chaplin positions were approved. Rechnitz also said that he offered to give Astorino a Rolex watch. According to testimony, Astorino said he could not take the watch as a gift, and should pay something for it. Later, Rechnitz said Astorino paid $2,000 for the watch, which was worth $10,000, with Rechnitz paying the remainder.

This news comes hot on the heels of George Latimer being asked questions about his personal life after stories surfaced that he took a trip to London with a woman who was not his wife, missing a vote on education funding.

FiOS1's Andrew Whitman spoke with Latimer about the most recent developments in the campaign.



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