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First on FiOS1 News: Woman bitten by gray fox inside home in Mahopac

Animal was trapped by wildlife control after incident on Agor Lane


Sheriff’s deputies and the State Department of Environmental Conservation were on the scene at a Mahopac home on Agor Lane Saturday responding to a call for a coyote inside. Minutes later an ambulance left to take a woman to the hospital. Turns out, it was a gray fox, not a coyote, which was trapped inside the home.

The DEC says the woman taken to the hospital was bitten on the left ankle. After several minutes, wildlife control got the gray fox into a cage and took it out of the home.

"It has to be euthanized and tested for rabies because it bit the homeowner, I guess. I didn't see her, so I don't know, but it did bite her," said Kricket Dyckman of Dyckman's Wildlife Control

The victim will also have to be tested for rabies as well. Dyckman says it's unusual for a fox to barge into a home and if anyone ever encounters one to reach out to the authorities as quickly as possible.

"Call the police department. They'll hook you up with the animal control officer or dog control officer or wildlife business," Dyckman said.



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