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First on FiOS1: PD informant talks taking down murder-for-hire podiatrist, girlfriend

Marckensy Louissaint says Kelly Gribeluk approached him to kill Ira Bernstein's wife

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The police informant who helped put away a wealthy Ramapo podiatrist and his girlfriend for plotting to kill the doctor's wife is discussing the takedown.

“…Nervous, scared,” is how Marckensy Louissaint says he felt when he says Kelly Gribeluk approached him to kill Ira Bernstein's wife, Susan.

He says he met Gribeluk at a car dealership where he works a few times. He says he didn't know why she approached him or trusted him to be a hitman. But he says he went to Ramapo police after she approached him in 2016.

"I was hoping that they would take it from there," Louissaint says, but the police asked him to be an informant and pose as the hitman because Gribeluk trusted him and otherwise they wouldn't have a case.”

For about a month and a half beginning in March of 2016, he had meetings with Bernstein and Gribeluk. The discussions he says were troubling.

"What to do, how’d you want things done, you know, how I would get paid, how they would pay to beat up the two insurance investigators, how they would want things done. Graphic details of how they’d want Bernstein’s wife to be killed," Louissaint says. He says he really tried to see if the plot may have just been Bernstein’s idea. "I kind of tried to push her [Gribeluk] away from doing this because I know, herself, she’s a mother of three."

But he says the plot was 50/50. He says in a conversation Bernstein had said he didn't care if his disabled daughter was with his wife when the hit happened.

"…Because, for him, that was an issue. That was a burden," Louissaint says.

Eventually though in May of 2016 police had what they needed to arrest Bernstein and Gribeluk.

On Wednesday, Louissaint received the Civilian Service award from the Ramapo Police Department. for his help. The detectives involved also received meritorious awards.

Last week, Bernstein was sentenced to five to 15 years in prison for the plan to kill his wife. Gribulek was sentenced to four to 12 years.

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