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Fishkill girl battling cystic fibrosis is getting her dream trip to NYC

The 11-year-old was diagnosed with the genetic illness 3 years ago


HAWTHORNE — A Fishkill girl suffering from cystic fibrosis is going to New York City in style through a foundation that provides dream trips to kids living with the illness.

11-year-old Marlena Norris was diagnosed with a rare form of a genetic illness that is incurable and progressive, patients suffering from cystic fibrosis often have trouble breathing due to mucus buildup in the lungs, requiring daily treatment and frequent doctor visits.

"It's a hard life living with someone who has CF because you're always scared, you never know what's going to happen," said Mary Norris, Marlena's mother.

As a girl who loves American Girl Dolls and Nintendo, Marlena wants to live her life the way every other middle school girl does.

That's where the Take A Breather Foundation stepped in to give her a full day a fun.

Representatives Greg and Laura Freeman have a son with cystic fibrosis and are familiar with the everyday struggle.

“It means they have a daily routine of medications and treatments that take hours every day. They have prolonged hospital stays," Laura Freeman said.

The foundation has granted over 100 wishes to children in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware.

"The Take A Breather Foundation gives them an opportunity to get away from all that and have moments of joy with their families," Freeman said.

And now it's Marlena's turn. On Friday, a limo will pick her up and drive her to New York City where she will stay at the Omni Hotel's American Girl Dream Package and be given gift cards and a personal shopper to the American Girl Doll Store and the Nintendo Store.



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