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Fitness Fridays: Get ready for the wedding aisle with bridal boot camp

FiOS1 News’ Lorin Richardson, a bride-to-be herself, takes on the challenge at Scarsdale fitness club

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A blushing bride or a bridal basketcase?

As we kick off Valentine’s Day weekend, this Fitness Friday we are taking a walk down the wedding isle with a bridal boot camp.

FiOS1 News’ Lorin Richardson gave it a test run:

I am actually a bride-to-be myself and am getting married in May!

With all the planning, I could see how this class in Scarsdale is a perfect outlet for brides, bridesmaids, mothers of the bride or anyone else involved.

It's at the Susan Marlow Fitness Club for women and is a lot of fun.

For better or for worse, Instructor Lisa Avellino says she will be by your side during her bridal boot camp workout class.

“It's the time of year and it's the most exciting time in your life, so it’s all about the countdown,” Avellino says.

Bridal boot camp is a four-week session and not only for the bride, but for anyone involved in the wedding.

Avellino has six to eight people per class.

“It's all about results and when you're working with a group and the comradery, working with your co-brides - it's when you're pushing each other, it's fun,” she says.

The boot camp focuses on different techniques each week.

“One week we will do how to walk down the aisle – lifting your rib cage, shoulders back, anchored and engaging your core” Avellino says.

Learning to destress and make time for yourself is also a focus.

“Another week we do stress management tips incorporating yoga, breathing and tai chi -- how to feel good and calm on that special day,” she continued.

Avellino also recommends keeping a journal to record progress and thoughts.

“Take notes - both on the lesson and what your personal goals are and how you're feeling,” the fitness guru advises.

Helping make the big day a success is all a part of why Avellino loves this program.

“When I see them walk down the aisle with grace and elegance and health, it just puts the biggest smile on my face and in my heart,” she says.

For more information, go to susanmarlowefitness.com

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