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NY residents scrambling to catch flights from Florida as Hurricane Irma nears

Passengers arriving at JFK say they will be staying in NY until the storm passes


NEW YORK — Hurricane Irma has killed several people in the Caribbean and is expected to reach Florida in the coming days. Now residents are desperately trying to catching flights to New York to avoid the storm.

People escaping the hurricane who arrived Thursday morning at John F. Kennedy International Airport say they're here to wait out the storm. Passengers from Florida tell FiOS1 News schools are closed and many are evacuating.

Santo originally from Bellmore, flew in from West Palm Beach and will be staying in New York until the storm passes.

"It's just a little intense down there right now, the gas sold out, people were making a big deal about it. It is a big deal but it doesn’t mean people should panic, I think people should be careful and stay safe with it," Santo said.

Huntington native Jason Chisolm goes to college in Sarasota. He says classes were cancelled Wednesday indefinitely and that it was difficult to book a flight out of Florida that he drove to Atlanta, Georgia with his friends to fly to New York.

"The delays out of Florida are insane. It was almost impossible to catch a flight, like literally, Wednesday afternoon onward. Flights were booked from Sarasota, Tampa and Orlando," Chilsom said.

Hurricane Irma is expected to hit Florida on Sunday. People escaping the storm say they might lose their possessions in the storm, but what worries them are the people who decided to stay in Florida.

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