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Four candidates removed from the ballot in Mount Vernon

Candidates running for the city council and comptroller had been accused of submitting fraudulent petitions for election


Four candidates were removed from the ballot by a New York State Supreme Court Judge today, after the candidates allegedly submitted fraudulent petitions for election.

Mount Vernon's current comptroller, Maureen Walker, and two others filed suit against Adriane Saunders and her three running mades after an investigation. Today, the judge ruled that Saunders claimed to have witnessed signatures to the petition to put her on the ballot on a day when she was in the Dominican Republic.

According to Saunders' attorney, Saunders is not to blame.

"There's no question that the signatures were good signatures from real people who really signed the petition for the person who said they signed the petition." Alan Goldson said.

Those who filed suit against their opponents say they hope residents of Mount Vernon were following the case.

Mount Vernon Mayor Richard thomas expressed frustration with the judge's decision.

"A disappointment for democracy," Richard Thomas said. "You have a situation where the city of Mount Vernon's Democratic Party is controlled by the same person that controls the county party, and they don't believe in new ideas and they don't believe in reform, they believe in protecting only the status quo."

Saunders' attorney says that his clients have not yet decided how they will move forward.



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