Ali RosenSep 8, 2017, 11:33 pm

Gas prices continue to climb following Hurricane Harvey’s impact in Texas

Right now, the national average is $2.65, up 30 cents a gallon in a week


PLEASANTVILLE — Residents say they're feeling their pockets emptying at the pump as we are heading into another weekend marked by high prices at the pump.

According to experts, Hurricane Harvey truly impacted the prices last week. And now with Irma on the way, gas watchers worry what will happen next.

“$2.45 week and a half ago and now they're $3.09 and $3.19. So the answer is they're up 60,70 percent in a week and half all because of the hurricane,” said Ken Dubensky, Ardsley

Gas prices began to rise after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas.

“My thoughts about the gas prices going up is just that they're having so many problems in Texas with their refineries, so that's surely understandable and we'll bear with it until everything’s okay,” says Robert Lavista of Pleasantville. But experts aren't so sure the prices will be coming down anytime soon.

Right now, the national average is $2.65, up 30 cents a gallon in a week, with higher prices here in New York State.

In Westchester County, some residents are paying as much as $3.40 a gallon. These are increases that haven't seen since Hurricane Katrina. But experts predict that there will be relief at the pump by the end of this month.

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