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Ten-year-old girl uses lemonade stand to join cheerleading team, help hundreds of children

Profits are now benefiting children at the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital


Lanay Gresham wanted to join the Tuckahoe cheerleading squad but she knew money at home was tight.

Lanay’s mother Layelle Gresham works to support all her children.

“My son actually plays for Tuckahoe too. But now that he's older, he doesn't have to pay for it. And Lord, I was so happy when we didn't have to pay for both because it’s stressful, and now I have a two-year-old at home so that’s a lot going on,” says Layelle.

To help her mom out, Lanay decided to start a lemonade stand. And with the help of one notable customer, Lanay's small lemonade stand turned into a huge success.

After serving David Pope of the Generoso Pope Foundation, she was surprised with a generous opportunity.

“He said that let’s make a deal. He'd pay for everything and the money that we'd make, he'd double it and he'd give it to any charity that I choose,” said Lanay.

Lanay decided she wanted to donate books and toys to children at the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital in Valhalla. And with the help of the Generoso Pope Foundation, Lanay was able to accomplish just that.

Layelle says she loves books as they’re a great escape, making them a perfect gift to the children in the hospital.

Lanay and her mom pick out $1,000 worth of books and toys from the Barnes and Noble in Scarsdale to give to the children’s hospital.

And Lanay is also excited to join the cheerleading squad come September.



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