Josh RultenbergAug 14, 2017, 10:48 am

SPCA: Nearly a dozen horses found dead, others malnourished at farm in Goshen

Authorities moved into 48-year-old Jeanne Ryan’s property after complaint was filed


GOSHEN — One count of cruelty to animals and five counts of failure to properly dispose of dead animals are the charges that 48-year-old Jeanne Ryan is facing after police raided her farm at 132 Gate Schoolhouse Road late last month.

The Hudson Valley SPCA'S chief of humane law enforcement, released images of the animals, one which shows a undernourished, 10-year-old stallion standing beside a skeleton of a dead horse in a stall.

The chief said a two-month-old foal was found deceased next to its dead mother. Three other adult horses were in her barn and remains of six other horses piled up in the woods on the 47-acre property at Argus Farm. One of the stallions was seen gnawing on wood in his stall in a desperate attempt to find food.

The SPCA said "without a doubt" all the dead horses died of starvation.

Investigators did find 10 live horses at the farm in addition to the stallion and while their weights were okay, their hooves were said to be in terrible shape.

Authorities moved onto Ryan’s farm after a complaint was filed. As for Ryan herself, the one-time NYPD officer is due for arraignment in September in town court. She could be looking at a year in jail for the animal cruelty charge.

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