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Governor’s 2017 spending plan could increase aid to schools by nearly $1B

If budget is approved, NY would spend more on education per capita than any other state

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Governor joins Bernie Sanders in call for free tuition at New York public colleges  

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced his $152 billion budget for the upcoming year and as part of that spending, the governor continues to push to improve education within our state.

According to the governor’s announcement, state aid to New York schools could increase by nearly $1 billion. This money will help school districts across the state.

By raising the aid towards public schools, New York would be giving more money to education than any other state in the country.

Governor Cuomo says he is focusing on the middle class this year. For example, he plans to lower the income tax rates for incomes between $40,000 and $300,000. And when it comes to education, families who make less than $125,000 a year would get free tuition at a public SUNY school.

The governor explained how college today is a necessity, much as high school was 70 years ago, but the cost has prevented a large number of students from getting a chance at higher education.

The state legislature has until the end of March to approve the budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

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