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Greenburgh student creates video on immigration

Ricardo Zamudio produced the video while taking part in an internship at Greenburgh Town Hall


GREENBURGH - Ricardo Zamudio is one of a handful of students who took part in an internship program at Greenburgh Town Hall aimed at giving young people experience in how town governments function. As part of his experience, Zamudio produced a video on one of the most hot-button issues in America right now: immigration.

"I feel, in today's political climate, I feel immigrants that I talk to, who I am friends with, they feel threatened, a little worried," Zamudio said.

Zamudio said he wanted his video to focus on the challenges immigrants face when coming to the United States and how they overcome them. He hopes his video can be used to educate his community about immigrants, and the contributions they make to America.

"They really love this country," Zamudio said. "I feel like I take it and other Americans take it for granted, compared to immigrants. I admire that because when you are really hungry for something, you will get it and that's an attitude I appreciate."

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