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Hawthorne honors one of its own fallen firefighters killed on 9/11

Community renames street after local hero


On the eve of 9/11, the Hawthorne community gathered to remember firefighter Michael Lyons, one of the more than 340 FDNY firefighters killed while responding to the World Trade Center towers on Sept. 11.

"It's tough. It's a constant reminder that you can't forget about this," said Chief Joe Carpentieri of the Hawthorne Fire Department.

Michael's daughter Caitlyn, 17, says people always say her dad was quite a character.

“He would peel off the stickers of a Rubik’s cube and put the right color and be like, 'I did it,'” Caitlyn said. “Whenever I do something funny they're like, ‘you're just like your dad.’"

Lyons’ locker at the fire station remains intact and on Sunday night, he received another honor—the street of the fire station now bears his name.

"Every year at our annual inspection we hand out an award. It's like our version of the firefighter of the year. Somebody who goes above and beyond that's really top notch over the year that we dedicate to Mike," Chief Carpentieri said.

Now, another dedication for Michael Lyons will be proudly displayed at the fire station he was part of for so many years.



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