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New health law aims to educate public on breast density and its relation to cancer risk

Nyack Hospital celebrates new bill for efforts in early breast cancer detection

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Many women may not know what dense breast tissue is, but knowing about it is especially important for early detection of breast cancer.

This matters because dense tissue shows up white on a mammogram and so does cancer which means it can be hidden by the tissue on the imaging.

Densebreast Inc. Executive Director Joan Pushkin, a breast cancer survivor turned advocate, says her cancer was missed five years in a row because it was masked by dense breast tissue.

"Dense breast refers to the tissue composition of a woman's breast. If there is more glandular tissue the breast is considered denser," Joan said.

But the Breast Density Education Program Bill—piggybacking off of the Breast Density Inform Law—will make more information on breast density more available and will help women like Joan.

The Breast Density Education Program Bill will provide women with information on supplemental screening techniques and information on how to access educational websites and resources on dense breasts.

The bill awaits Governor Cuomo’s signature and would be effective immediately

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