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How much Americans will be spending on back-to-school items

In the next couple of weeks, students are going to be stocking up for the classroom


It's that time again for kids to throw on their backpacks and head back into the classroom.

In the last couple of weeks before school begins, parents and their children are looking for and loading up on supplies to help them prepare for school.

Deloitte Consulting says Americans spend $27 billion on back to school shopping.

They'll head into stores like the Elmsford Staples, where one general manager at the supply giant says tech items are flying off the shelves more than ever these days since students are looking to have the latest iPads, lap tops, and streaming devices.

"A lot of kids are getting this item for dorms and stuff because they are doing a lot of streaming," said Tariq Akram, Elmsford Staples’ general manager.

Parents and students are also buying more copy paper to print things like exam notes and projects.

"We have been selling five to 600 reams a week," Akram said.

The parents that FiSO1 News spoke to are typically spending around $80 per student

Some stores are even extending their hours so parents and their kids can make sure they have everything they need to prepare for their busy school year.

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