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Justin WaltersApr 7, 2017, 9:15 pm

Iona Prep's Gaels have a new head basketball coach

Steve Alvarado, a Bedford Hills native and Ivy League grad, led Iona to two divisional championships, and an AA championship as a JV coach

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Iona Prep’s new basketball coach needs no introduction, saying the job will have "an easy transition for me because I’ve coached all these kids in the past."

Steve Alvarado is the new man in charge of the Gaels varsity basketball team. After five years as Iona’s junior varsity coach, Alvarado was promoted on Tuesday to replace Vic Quirolo.

"I said this is an opportunity that I didn't think would open up for me or for anyone in particular,” said Coach Alvarado. “But since its available, I said ‘Let me put in my resume’ and see if the opportunity would come my way."

This is Alvarado’s first-ever varsity head coaching position. On the JV level, the Bedford Hills native and Ivy League graduate led Iona to two divisional championships and the school's first-ever AA championship. In just a few days, he's already won the team over.

"Its great to be coached at a level by someone I’ve known since third grade,” said Iona sophomore Bryce Wills. “Playing for him with ‘Iona Prep’ across my chest is going to be great."

Alvarado has been coaching Bryce Wills way before he was highly recruited division one prospect
The two have the same vision for the program's next step.

"The goal is to win a city championship and a federation as well. “But I think for everyone, it’s to do that as a team and individually get better."

Alvarado said his goal is to get better at "basketball, the mentality and my approach to it. What I teach and what I value translates to any level."



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