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Islamic group to appeal decision preventing Yonkers mansion from becoming mosque

Judge upheld city’s right to keep building on Grandview Blvd. as historical landmark


Muslims with the Islamic Community Center for Mid-Westchester are trying to turn a mansion in Yonkers into a mosque. On Tuesday they filed an appeal so they can use the home as a place of worship.

The Center bought the medieval-revival home on 2 Grandview Boulevard for $750,000 in 2015, intending on turning it into a mosque.

But as Omar Mohammedi, an attorney for the group, says once the group voiced their intentions for the home, the city, at the request of a local activist group, designated the building as a historic landmark, limiting the group's ability to renovate it.

The group filed a lawsuit against the city, but a federal judge upheld the city's right to keep the building as a landmark.

Mohammedi tells FiOS 1 News that the group feels discriminated against.

"We’re planning to appeal the judge's decision in this case. And we are going to pursue this case to the end because we believe our clients' First Amendment right has been limited and it has been violated," Mohammedi says.

A neighbor that lives directly next door to the building who did not want to be on camera says he doesn't want to see renovations done, including parking lots to accommodate visitors, because he doesn't want cars idling next to his home.

Mohammedi says the group will do whatever it takes to get justice.



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