Andy MattisonJul 23, 2017, 6:35 pm

Hundreds celebrate Italian heritage at Kensico Dam Plaza

At the Italian Heritage Festival, Valhalla residents enjoyed music, food, and family entertainment in honor of Italian culture


Hundreds of people spent their Sunday at Kensico Dam Plaza for the Italian Heritage Festival.

It’s one of many different festivals throughout the summer that celebrates the different heritage and different cultures in the Hudson Valley.

The weather was pleasant for the most part and wasn’t too warm. It was great Sunday for families gathering for music, food, and entertainment.

"We’ve done this a couple of times,” said Laura Funero of Mahopac. “We both have moved back from the area so we decided to come back for the day."

"I'm going to come to all the festivals since we just bought the house and this is just down the street from me," said Taskeen Vaid from Valhalla.

The Italian Heritage Festival is one of the bigger festivals held at Kensico Dam Plaza during the summer.

The first event happened just before Memorial Day and there are a few more scheduled in August.



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