Krista McNallyJun 26, 2017, 9:18 pm

JFK travelers react to SCOTUS' travel ban decision

With the Supreme Court's decision to allow portions of Trump's travel ban, area travelers have a myriad of differing opinions

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Today the Supreme Court said it will decide the fate of the Trump travel ban by hearing the immigration cases filed in federal courts.

Therefore, the ban is now going into effect, with an exception for people who have ties to the United States like family or are attending school. At John F. Kennedy Airport travelers provided a myriad of reactions to this decision.

"I think from a security perspective, it makes sense and it needs to be worked out by the Supreme Court,” said Suketu Shah of Connecticut. “President Trump needs to understand that there are a lot of factions that are affected by this, so he wants to make sure that he does the right thing for people in America."

"I think Trump is crazy and most of the stuff he does is kind of coo coo," said Alec Adler of North Carolina.

"All of these countries that he is trying to do the travel ban on are countries that are in complete chaos and there is no way to actually vet anybody, so as far as I'm concerned, give him some time to figure it out," said Bill Montgoris, a New Jersey resident.

FiOS1 News spoke with Kyce Siddiqi, an immigration lawyer, and he says he does not necessarily agree with the ruling because it is unclear how it will be interpreted.

"It is very difficult to define what is a bona fide relationship,” said Siddiqi. “What constitutes a bona fide decision remains unclear at this point."

The ban will affect those applying for visas that have no ties to the United States. It’s been on hold since March. President Trump has applauded the decision, calling it a very clear victory for national security.

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