Ariana Lubelli Apr 18, 2017, 7:09 pm

Katonah fire causes roof collapse and forces family of five out

No one was injured during the blaze, and the Red Cross and neighbors are helping the homeowners and their children

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Smoke is still seeping and crews are still working to put out some hot spots after flames broke out late Tuesday afternoon inside a Katonah house. The raging fire destroyed the structure and a home for a family of five.

"It was already pretty heavily involved on the inside and flames were coming out the back,” said Katonah fire chief Dean Pappas. “We attempted an initial interior attack but after a couple of minutes, we pulled everybody out because of the eminent collapse and part of the house did collapse at that point."

Around 40 firefighters from Katonah and surrounding areas responded to the scene. While working to battle the flames, the roof gave out and caved in.

Neighbor Hannah Dieck saw fire shooting from the back of the home and moments later, heard the roof crumble, recalling "I saw the roof caving in and then the flames just shot up. You hear things scattering, windows breaking, doors, and then all the ash just went up and a neighbor of mine said that you can see it from Mount Kisco."

Friends and neighbors shared hugs with the homeowner who did not want to talk on camera but tells us she is thankful no one was hurt.

The fire chief was thankful his crews were not injured during the collapse and told FiOS1 News that the Red Cross is stepping in with aid. Neighbors who live on Allison Road say Katonah is a tight-knit community and will be coming together to help the homeowners and their three children. At this point, investigators are working to determine the cause of the fire.



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