Ali RosenApr 13, 2018, 9:32 pm

NY State Senate Republican candidate calls for Democratic candidate to resign

Shelley Mayer accused of dismissing women alleged to have been sexually harassed by supervisor in Senate


MAMARONECK — New York State Senate Republican candidate Julie Killian called for Democratic Assemblywoman Shelley Mayer to resign after two women spoke up, saying that Mayer did not defend their sexual harassment cases against their supervisor in the state Senate. The women apparently followed up with Mayer several times, but were told to speak with her after her 2012 election.

“These women were sent nude images, they endured constant sexual overtures, they were spoken to in the most vile language, and one was even an assault,” candidate Killian said. “After repeated failures to get assistance from Shelley Mayer, one of the women told [her] this is why people don’t come forward. Shelley Mayer has made fighting for women a central part of her campaign. It’s all lies.”

In response to the article published in the Daily News where the two women were interviewed, Mayer’s campaigned stated, “The harassment these women endured was and is unacceptable, and Shelley followed proper procedure by forwarding the information she had to the proper authority, who wrongly refused to take meaningful action. As much as Shelley advocated for these victims, the authority to discipline staff who were not part of the Counsel’s office rested with the Secretary of the Senate.”

Shelley Mayer told FiOS1 News that she will not resign or drop out of the race for New York State Senate. The special election will be held on Tuesday, April 24.

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