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Billionaire Trump donor put $1M into super PAC backing Astorino

George Latimer called on Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino to denounce donations made by Robert Mercer


WHITE PLAINS — Senator George Latimer is calling on his opponent, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, to denounce a large donation from a billionaire who has funded Donald Trump and the Breitbart News Network.

During a rally in White Plains on Thursday, Democratic Westchester County executive candidate George Latimer said Long Island billionaire, Robert Mercer donated $1 million to a super PAC that backs Rob Astorino.

“This kind of money coming down from a source like this tells me that they want to influence an election where they really don't care about the public policy of the election, they just care about Rob Astorino winning. So anytime Rob Astorino has said, ‘I'm an independent, I disagree with Trump.’ It's a lie. He's getting funding from the exact same people that made Donald Trump president,” Latimer said.

When asked for comment, Astorino’s spokesperson, Bill O'Reilly, called Latimer’s assertions “conspiracy theories.”

"George Latimer needs to calm down and pay the five years in school taxes he owes. His conspiracy theories and rage attacks are growing old. Pay your taxes, George,” O'Reilly said.

On Wednesday, FiOS1 News asked Astorino if he would distance himself from Robert Mercer since he has made controversial statements in past such as when he claimed that the Civil Rights Act was a mistake.

In Response, Astorino said: “what do I care what they do? Anyone can support anybody. That’s what America's all about. I was just surprised to see it as anyone else. It makes no difference.”

In addition, according to the Journal News, Latimer is also claiming that 28 firms, awarded millions of dollars in contracts related to the Westchester County Airport deal, have also contributed to Astorino's campaign.

“None of this is true and the county attorney’s office, the law department thoroughly vetted this and this is money that was at the airport for the purpose of operations and explaining what is happening at the airport,” Astorino said.

These allegations come days after the candidates’ first public debate.



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