Ray RaimundiOct 26, 2017, 5:56 pm

Latimer on the defensive after allegations over missed budget vote

An article in the New York Post alleges that Latimer missed the vote to take a trip overseas with a woman who was not his wife


Democratic candidate for Westchester County Executive George Latimer is on the defensive after a recent article in the New York Post blasted him for traveling overseas with a woman who is not his wife, New Rochelle Judge Susan Kettner.

FiOS1 asked Latimer about the allegations. He responded: "When we deal with our personal lives, those are personal things. I'm not gonna confirm or deny, i'm not going to involve myself in any speculation."

It is being alleged that Latimer missed a crucial vote in the state senate in order to take the trip.

For his part, Latimer does not deny missing the vote, stating: "I got proper clearance. I was one of five senators that was excused for the vote, with the understanding that this was something I highlighted well in advance of the day this came up."



Nyack, New York
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